What To Expect From StartConfident Coaching

A Simple, 7-Step Process

We'll go through a very logical and linear process to get you on your way to your best performances, no matter if you've never raced, or if you've more than a few seasons in your legs. 

1: Interview

Every new StartConfident Athlete undergoes an interview to learn about their cycling background and aspirations. It's a no-pressure way to get acquainted, so your coach can begin to tailor your training experience. We can do it virtually, or via phone — and if you're in the Cincinnati area, we can meet face-to-face.

2: Goal setting

If you're a new racer, you may not know enough to have goals — all you know is, you want to race! But setting specific goals to shoot for is a super-important step towards a long-term cycling experience that'll have you looking forward to every race or training experience. We'll help you determine what to aim for if you don't already know. If you do know, we'll sharpen those goals to something very specific.

3: Testing

In order to get where you want to be, you have to know exactly where you are! Sounds a bit trite, but it's a basis for everything StartConfident does in training. We'll determine your Functional Threshold Power, and/or your Lactate Threshold, as well as set other benchmarks upon which to base your training.

4: Plan Development

This is what most athletes are really looking for: their training plan. With your interview complete, your goals set, and your test results in hand, we'll begin to put together specific workouts over time to get you incrementally stronger, faster, and more resilient. 

5: Ongoing Communication

Depending on your Engagement Level, we'll be in contact with you as you go: to sharpen your training, answer questions about kit and gear, and keep you confident and motivated.

6: Workout & Race Evaluation

Again, depending on your Engagement Level, we'll review your data and/or get your personal feedback on various races and training events. While it's critical that you put in the effort to fulfill your "training prescriptions," it's also critical that we understand how you perceived that effort.

7: Adjustments​

We do nothing straight off a checklist. Every athlete is different and responds to training and recovery differently. We will make adjustments to your plan as we see your data evolve.

What NOT to Expect

Coaching — no matter how excellent, detailed, or well-pedigreed — won't guarantee you'll step atop a podium. It won't guarantee your FTP will rocket up X or Y watts in 3 months. There are too many variables: your commitment to the regimen, how consistent you are with your efforts — as well as your recovery, nutrition, and more. Coaching won't turn you into Merckx or an EPO-free Lance, but it has the capacity to develop you into a disciplined, all-around competitor, with a new sense of focus if you stick with the program.


Review StartConfident's coaching plans, and choose the one that's best for you.