Sam Lowe and Dawn Weatherwax talk sports nutrition

SmartStart Interview: Dawn Weatherwax

Fact: Get your nutrition right and boost performance big-time

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Dawn Weatherwax came to the bike shop that I call "home" one evening, and gave a presentation regarding the power of proper nutrition to enable better performance.

I already knew that my diet wasn't optimal. I'd always been "the skinny kid," and no matter what I did to gain strength, nothing about me, physiologically ever seemed to change. I knew that I had the "body of a climber," but I was never competitive on significant climbs. I could do hill repeats till I turned maillot jaune, but I still wasn't adding torque. 

I went to see Dawn. I had a hunch I needed to "eat more protein." At least, that was my then-uneducated self-diagnosis. 

Well. I wasn't entirely wrong. Dawn did a complete food inventory on me: what I loved to eat and what I ate when and how much. She did 2 major tests: a resting metabolism test, which told her how many calories I burn while just sitting and reading a book, and she put me in a device called a BodPod®, which measured me all the way down to my muscle mass.

What I learned changed the way I ate, my body composition, and how much stronger I am in the climbs. 

Dawn describes the importance of getting that baseline measure, how to work with a sports dietician, and a few specific tips to help you start eating like a podium contender. 
Sam Lowe

I've been a road cyclist with a penchant for speed ever since my first-ever paycheck holiday. I blew the whole wad on a turquoise Schwinn Tempo with then-new Shimano 105 indexed shifting way back in 1985. I've been a voracious consumer of racing-oriented information ever since. Training, nutrition, bike fit, racing techniques, and all manner of "kit." Between nearly 30 years of riding, racing, and reading about racing, I'm ready to help you get ready to race.

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