Pretty-Up Your Pain Cave

In this tour of the StartConfident cycling workout studio (lovingly dubbed, the “Pain Cave”) Sam shares 8 tips to help you customize your own space.

Basements. Garages. Spare bedrooms.
It’s pretty obvious that we don’t tend to prioritize our training spaces. 

In fact, we just tend to “make do.” 

I think this is a mistake; a mental mistake that can ultimately lead to less-than-productive workouts. 

Any exercise physiologist will tell you that pain is in the mind, and that “breakthrough efforts” are much more mental then they are physical. To that end, the way we look forward to our workouts — and by extention, the space where we work out — has a large effect on the quality of the workout. 

Don't think location matters? 
Then why do you have special training loops? Why do you have bucket list destinations to ride? Location for training is just like location for real estate: everything. Why not put as much emphasis on your own training space?

Eight Tips for Your Own Pain Cave
In this video, I show you how I’ve converted the greater part of an old house’s basement into a dedicated training and workshop area. 

It’s not glamorous, and it’s comprised of items cobbled together over years, mixed with some new bits of tech. 

But it’s doable even if all you do have is that spare bedroom: just add a few thoughtful items to insure that your mindset leads you to anticipate a solid workout experience in a space prepared just for the occurrence rather than trudging to a ramshackle space to check an unpleasant box. 

Nobody turns in amazing performances because they think they “have to;” those experiences happen because you want to. 

Sam Lowe

I've been a road cyclist with a penchant for speed ever since my first-ever paycheck holiday. I blew the whole wad on a turquoise Schwinn Tempo with then-new Shimano 105 indexed shifting way back in 1985. I've been a voracious consumer of racing-oriented information ever since. Training, nutrition, bike fit, racing techniques, and all manner of "kit." Between nearly 30 years of riding, racing, and reading about racing, I'm ready to help you get ready to race.

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