Guest Post Guidelines

Getting Published on StartConfident

[dropcap style=”default”]One of the most[/dropcap]off-putting realities of road racing for newbies is when they encounter a cliquish group of established racers. No one likes you if you’re stingy, right?

So, in the spirit of open sharing, not only do I seek to be published on other cycling properties, but I also accept guest posts. I don’t plan on publishing guest posts more than once or twice per month, maximum, but I do welcome submissions. I promise to be timely with my review of any submitted posts, per my guidelines, below.


Your post must be on one of four topics, and be specifically geared toward riders who are new to racing or who aspire to race:

  • Thinking like a racer — the mental aspect of racing
  • Beginning competitive nutrition and on-bike fueling
  • Techniques for the new racer
  • Encouragements and recollections of your own beginning race experiences


  • Your post must be original; that means  unpublished —  either on the Web or in print
  • You agree that you won’t publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. You may, however, post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post published here on StartConfident.
  • You may provide up to three byline links: they can include a mix of pretty much any social property that is specific to you, such as one for your blog or Web site, one for your bio or About page, and one for your Twitter username. It’s up to you, but three is the max.
  • Your post should be at least 400 words long and no more than 800 words


I’m a bit of a content control freak. That means I will likely edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I may also contact you regarding the suitability of the content for new or aspiring racers. It’s unlikely that I’ll make significant  changes. In the event that I do, I will email the post back to you for your approval before posting.

Because StartConfident is my property, I will most likely either frame or end your post with comments that are mine. I’ll do this to “set up” the importance of the post. When I do, I’ll make sure that my comments are clearly designed to be stylistically different from your content.


At the risk of sounding like one of the aforementioned cliquish-jerk-road-racer-snobs, I won’t publish a guest post of yours simply because you submit it to me. I will only publish those guest posts that in my sole judgment add value to my readers.

I will only contact you in return if I’m considering your post, or if it needs revisions. If I don’t think your post is appropriate for StartConfident, I won’t respond. That’s not because I’m mean; it’s because I only have so much time. Kinda like those race time limits; if you don’t get across the line before the cutoff, you’re sent packin’, ya know.


If your post meets my  guidelines:

  • Please email it to me for consideration. Don’t expect me to respond quickly or at all, however.
  • Please include a one to two-sentence byline that includes what you do, along with your blog address and your Twitter and/or Facebook address.
  • Please include the size of your readership: number of blog readers, Facebook friends or fans, and Twitter followers.
  • Please confirm that you are willing to engage with my readers in the comments about your post. This is hugely important and non-negotiable. New and aspiring racers need and want encouragement, feedback, and genuine answers to their questions.
  • Please include the post in the body of the e-mail. DO NOT include it as an attachment. Also, please do not include HTML coding.