Bike racing is an exhilarating, but admittedly dangerous sport. People crash. People break equipment and they break bones. Damage, both of material things and of bodily things is a fact of life when you hurtle along on two wheels alongside many others who are struggling for the same goal you are.

If you engage in bike racing, or in training to race your bike, no matter if you've been inspired by the pages of StartConfident or if you've been inspired by watching videos of Greg LeMond's amazing 1989 Tour de France victory, you do it ​fully aware of the fact that cycling contains these risks of life and limb and property.

But then, if you drive to work every day on busy city streets, or ever step aboard a plane...

But I digress.

StartConfident will not be held liable for any less than pleasant results of your cycling endeavors. We seek to communicate great information that will help new racers go about racing in the smartest possible way. But, in the end, you've gotta be big boys and girls out there. You throw your leg over a bike, you recognize that you could fall down n' go boom. That's your choice. It's your own risk assessment.

The same holds true for going to the gym and pulling a hamstring. Or eating too many carbs and getting nauseous.

OK. Enough of that. Time to go ride bikes. ​

Unless you're the anal-retentive type and insist on reading the eye-glazing Terms and Conditions…