Cycling Vacation Review: The Col Collective Intro to the Mountains

This trip’ll change your cycling life.

If you’re a devoted to your cycling training, you are a fan, follower, user, or subscriber to any number of products in the self-coached cycling scene; The Sufferfest is one of those. You may have seen my review for their VO2 max interval training video, Nine Hammers either on The Sufferfest site or here on StartConfident. 

It was as a user of their videos, back before they went all online all the time, when I discovered Mike Cotty.

In a word, Mike loves cycling in the mountains so much, he quit his self-admitted “dream job” working as a marketing leader at Cannondale to do more of just that — riding in the mountains, and getting others to do the same.

In August of 2017, I participated in his “Intro to the Mountains” tour​. Based in the Pyrenees, he and his staff lead you on a pampered romp through the most jaw-dropping scenery southern France has to offer a cyclist. But the best thing about the tour for you just may not be the scenery, but that you'll feel as if you just made new friends as a result. 

The video above clocks in just under 12 minutes, and gives you a robust recap of a beautiful week that I highly encourage you to consider. Despite my over-the-top recommendation, my review hasn't been sponsored in any way by anyone featured in the video whatsoever.

I just enjoyed it that much. ​

Sam Lowe

I've been a road cyclist with a penchant for speed ever since my first-ever paycheck holiday. I blew the whole wad on a turquoise Schwinn Tempo with then-new Shimano 105 indexed shifting way back in 1985. I've been a voracious consumer of racing-oriented information ever since. Training, nutrition, bike fit, racing techniques, and all manner of "kit." Between nearly 30 years of riding, racing, and reading about racing, I'm ready to help you get ready to race.

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