If You “Wait ‘til I’m Ready” For A Coach, You Might Never Be

Most beginner bike racers roll to the start line of their first race in a rush of confusion. Where is the start line? (Don’t laugh. Even experienced racers waste valuable arrival time with this one.) Should I warm-up? How should I warm up? What time does my race start? And these are just logistical questions.

Imagine rolling up to the startline after weeks of careful guidance by a coach. How do you think that would affect your experience?

The real shock happens during the first race: the intensity is wild. They’ve never ridden that hard, in any training ride, in any group ride. And then there’s the bike handling reality: you’re elbow to elbow with fellow newbies, often overreacting to the slightest change in road surface or pace.

These riders weren't coached.

They didn't know what to expect, much less prepare for it in structured training.The sad thing is, many of them are perfect candidates for "the 45%". And I don't want you to be.

Coached Racers Keep Coming Back

No matter how you do in your first few races, if you have a relationship with a coach you trust, your sense of focus will always give you something to improve. And when you see those improvements happen, little by little, that's when the fun of racing becomes an incredible, fulfilling lifestyle. That's why starting confident makes all the difference.