cycling training plan

Cycling Training Plan

Start Confident

The 3x25 Cycling Training Plan is designed for cyclists who are new to racing. 
Simple, Structured, cycling training that adapts to your abilities and your peak event. 

Here's an overview of what you get with the 3x25 cycling training plan

As an elite cyclist I know that a training plan with real structure is the best way to become a stronger rider.

I also know that all the training information out there can be overwhelming for someone who is just starting out. 3x25 by Sam at StartConfident is a simple, yet effective plan that can help you maximize the value your training time. In the past I have tried to race without any structured coaching and it is like throwing noodles on the wall to see what sticks. Having a well-designed plan keeps you accountable and helps guide you to your goals. Sam has created an engaging product based on proven concepts. I would recommend the 3x25 plan to any rider who wants to try a more focused approach to road race training.

Jack McCann, Category 1 Racer

Team Netherland Rubber p/b MVP

If you have the need for speed as a new racer then Start Confident's 3x25 could be for you.

This is a very simple and complete explanation of periodization for the DIY type of new racer. It's not for the guy or girl that needs a bit more coaching and hand holding, look to Sam's other offerings for that. But for most of us, this is perfect. It starts off with a very complete explanation of how to periodize your training for a specific event, but beyond that it gives you bonus videos explaining how to get your FTP, specific strength workouts, and specific details of race craft workouts. For me the race craft specific workouts are really a great insight into how to go fast at different types of riding. All this together makes for a great package to get you that speed you need.

Brett Hungerford - Owner, Element Cycles

Cincinnati, Ohio

The 3x25 cycling training program put together by Sam at StartConfident is a podium finisher!

If I had access to this program 3 years ago when I started racing, I would have had the confidence of a 3rd year racer. I am not sure if there is a better program out there for beginners. As a President and Co-Founder of a cycling club, I will recommend the 3x25 program to any newbies looking to start racing. What seems so complex was made very simple by Sam with this 3x25 program. I hope aspiring racers find this program and follow it.

Mike Buckner - President and Co-Founder of Headwind Cycling

Columbus, Ohio

25 minutes
of clear video instruction PLUS BONUS CONTENT

cycling training

In less than half an hour,
you will be exposed to literally
every phase of race preparation, presented in a clear, easy to follow fashion that any beginner
can use for success.
In other words, there's no fluff.


An easy-to-follow 25 week cycling training plan with strength

cycle training plans

This Plan covers:
Weekly workout schedule
A build up and tapering plan
Understanding weaknesses
Individual workout instructions
Cycling-specific gym workouts

…and more!


For a buck a week
you can self-coach yourself to a PR
season after season

cycling training plan

For about the cost of one race registration, you'll receive the instruction and guidance that will serve as your foundation for training far into the future. This is classic periodization, delivered in a reference-friendly format.

Benefits of the 3x25 Cycling Training Plan

Why 25 Weeks?