Cycling Training Plan

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Reach your first goal with our beginner Cycling Training Plan

StartConfident is for the road cyclist who longs to get started racing, or has just begun, but wants more guidance. On these pages, you'll find information without lingo, encouragement without attitude, and pride for the sport of cycling without the "cycle snobbery" that often taints road bike racing. 

​Why StartConfident Exists

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Here, Sam explains why StartConfident was founded, and why we believe it was time for a site dedicated to the needs of the cyclist who wants to race, but needs the smarts and the encouragement to get started — and keep racing.

New Racer Orientation: FREE

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6 Laps to Confidence is a free video course that introduces the cyclist who's never raced to many concepts required to get started: understanding race motivation, equipment, logistically planning for your first races, and more.

The Blog

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The StartConfident Blog covers a wide, wide array of subjects for beginner racers, and it's growing weekly. Training, nutrition, equipment, motivation, cycling lifestyle musings for the competitively-minded, and even some reviews. 

Wanna Get Serious?

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The best way to insure that you stick around for your 2nd race season — and beyond — is to learn to train. Training is about planning and executing that plan. 3x25 walks you step by detailed step through building a real training plan.

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