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Welcome to my cycling training diary

My name’s Sam. Like you, I have a life outside of cycling. But I love riding my bike, and love working hard to ride my bike faster. This site is all about my own cycling training, racing, and touring experiences. Hopefully, you’ll find my stories interesting, and maybe even a bit helpful. I welcome your comments on my posts, and especially topical requests about anything from nutrition to kit, or repair to training. I’ve been at this in some capacity since 1986, and I’m happy to share what’s worked for me.

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I have 2 big objectives for 2018: A strong showing in May’s Assault on Mt. Mitchell, and setting a new PR during the Cleves Time Trial Series. Virtually all of my training activities from the end of 2017 forward have been focused on these. Read (or watch) my posts to follow along with my experiences. If you’re a training cyclist, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Most recent posts:

2018.11: The Assault Wrap-Up
If you're planning on a century-length grand fondo that has over 9,000 feet of climbing, this, and the previous 11 installations are for you. This article covers what went right, what went wrong, and hopefully, you'll be able to use my experience to your advantage!
2018.10: Nutrition: The Ignored Training Partner
Fueling for endurance sport is a nuanced activity that requires careful observation and adjustment to perfect. Self-coached athletes rarely have access to a sports nutritionist. This post gives you insight to my fueling efforts.
2018.9: The Ow and the Ahh
An excruciating week of VO2 and endurance work followed by a delicious recovery week has me finalizing plans for the final five weeks of training prior to the 2018 Assault on Mt. Mitchell.
2018.8: From Build to Speciality
Things are getting very real as I look towards The Assault on Mt. Mitchell in a month and a half.

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Cyclists descending at speed

Why Cyclists Should Race

Ride next to another cyclist for any length of time and inevitably someone’s gonna say, “race ’ya.” Speed is in the DNA of cycling. We think that’s a good thing…

2 cyclocross cyclists crossing the finishline smiling

Coached Riders Have More Fun

Most bike racers in the US just kinda bumble their way to their first start line. Sadly, most don’t come back for a 2nd season. Here's how to have a blast on your maiden voyages.

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Cycling has never not been a part of my adult life. The first thing I bought with the paycheck from my first job? A road bike. The bulk of my working life has been in the healthcare marketing arena where I learned a lot about data and human performance; it was a natural precursor to becoming an accredited cycling coach. Sam Lowe