There are Two levels of Coaching at StartConfident: Lead-Out and All-Rounder.

The differences between the plans comes down to the amount of live interaction you have with your coach, and how often your coach reviews and updates your data. ​

With StartConfident, you're not going to get an "off the shelf" plan. Everything we do is specific to you, your goals, and your current abilities. We work in reverse, so to speak: once we identify a goal event, we stretch and prepare you to be your best for that specific event.


All StartConfident Athletes MUST have the following before they can get started:

Either a heart rate monitor that can save an uploadable data file, or a power meter. A power meter is greatly preferred, and will make your workouts MUCH more precise.

A stationary trainer​.


Engagement Type



Initial Athlete Interview

Form & Live Consultation

Form & Live Conversation

Baseline Testing
(depends on existing quantity of athlete data)

Document Guided
1 test per year included with plan

Document and Live Guidance
2 tests per year included with plan

Workout Planning

Month-by-Month with limited adjustments

Basic TrainingPeaks account included​

Goal and Annual Plan Development
Bi-Weekly with Unlimited Adjustments

Premium TrainingPeaks account included​

Coach Access

2 coach-initiated calls per month
Ride / Training / Race analysis

15-minute limit​

8 texts per month / 24 hour turn

1 coach-initiated call per week
Ride / Training / Race analysis

15-minute limit​

12 texts per month / 1 hour turn


$175 per month

$50 setup fee
Minimum 3 month commitment paid monthly

$840 if purchased in 6-month block (20% off)​

$250 per month

NO setup fee
Minimum 3 month commitment paid monthly

$1,200 if purchased in 6-month block (20% off)​


Once you've chosen your plan, click below to sign up. You'll be contacted within the next 2 business days to schedule your Initial Athlete Interview.

StartConfident Live: Speaker Presentations

Sam Lowe has spent over 30 years in corporate settings as a creative presenter in highly regulated and complex environments. He's experienced at making complicated subjects easy to understand — and entertaining. His live presentations aren't just thought-provoking, they're designed to move people to specific action that accomplishes real goals. To book Sam for one of the live presentations listed below, simply click here to contact him directly.

How Your Bike Can Change Your Life

Interactive presentation geared for corporate, civic, school, and church groups interested in fitness. Includes a basic introduction to exercise physiology, fat loss, strength building, bike orientation, and nutritional tips.* $675

Kickoff to Structured Training

Designed for cycling clubs, bike shops with "shop rides" and other cycling groups interested in started a structured plan, self-coached or with coached guidance. $675

Bike fit consultation (Within 100 mile radius of Cincinnati)

For most road race cyclists. Will provide specific guidance regarding frame sizing, stem length, bar width, brake lever placement, cleat adjustment. For advanced issues, will refer to a licensed fit specialist with customized equipment. $125 / hr plus applicable travel

Guided Baseline test (power or heart rate depending on rider's equipment)

At your location or hosted at Sam's studio. Sam guides you through a controlled, turbo-trainer baseline test. At the completion of the test, your power zones will be identified for your future workouts.  $125 / hr plus applicable travel if required

* Sam is not a nutritionist. For specific nutrition-based guidance, he will refer to a licensed dietician. However, as an experienced racer, he will share what has worked for him in the past, as well as established USA Cycling guidelines for workout and pre-race fueling.