Why just ride when you could race?
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My “Flexible” Goals
Welcome to my other office. A friend of mine from a former job has a life philosophy that I’ve picked[...]

Here’s the free, simple guide to starting bike racing.

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FREE SPEED! C'mon...who doesn't love that?

“I’d like to race, but…”

6 Laps to Confidence is a no-obligation email course by a USA Cycling Level 2 coach that explains all you need to know to kick the excuses, gain confidence, and start racing.​

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Why Cyclists Should Race

Ride next to another cyclist for any length of time and inevitably someone’s gonna say, “race ’ya.” Speed is in the DNA of cycling. We think that’s a good thing…

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Coached Riders Have More Fun

Most bike racers in the US just kinda bumble their way to their first start line. Sadly, most don’t come back for a 2nd season. Here's how to have a blast on your maiden voyages.

The Tweakable Training Plan

“Off the shelf” training plans don’t take the demands of your big race into consideration. 3x25 does. You can dial in your needs to dial up your performance — for a buck a week.

Sam Lowe, founder of StartConfident

Sam Lowe, former USA Cycling Level 2 coach and founder of StartConfident

About the Author

Cycling has never not been a part of my adult life. The first thing I bought with the paycheck from my first job? A road bike. The bulk of my working life has been in the healthcare marketing arena where I learned a lot about data and human performance. It was a natural precursor to become an accredited cycling coach.

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